First Bernie Mac, Now Isaac Hayes…

It’s been a pretty brutal weekend. Firstly, I opened up CNN yesterday morning to read the daily news with my coffee, and saw a story about 50 year-old comic Bernie Mac was no more. I loved that dude in the brief role he had in the original Friday. I liked in the new Ocean’s movies, Bad Santa, and he was the best part about Spike Lee’s Original Kings of Comedy. Here is to you good sir.

Then I open up the same news source today, after watching Jackie Chan’s Police Story, and noticed that Isaac Hayes is also no more. My love for the original Shaft not withstanding, everyone knows how much a South Park fan I am. I was sad to see him leave the show but laughed at his character’s incredible death scene anyway. Regardless, I am sad at his real death, and will miss his sultry deep voice for the rest of my life. What a weekend.

The Shaft and the Mac (8/2008)

Who’s next? Whoopi Goldberg? Probably not. I doubt anyone would miss her.

To those of you waiting for the results for the first ever Pictures of Doom Contest of Doom, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, while I mourn.

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