The Winners of Doom

Last week, I posted a challenge to bloggers. A challenge to draw me a picture. Some of you did. Some of you didn’t (where you at Abarclay? Evyl?) Out of the few entries I got, it was hard to break it down to the top three… so here is the list (with more than promised). Oh, and uh, I am sorry the pictures are so small… turns out, I was a big fat liar on the size the picture was supposed to be. My bad. Of all that entered, here were my top 5.

5. That Famous Screaming Painting Guy (Kerplar – 8/2008)

4. Repetez Apres Moi (Sitting Pugs – 8/2008)

3. Watch That Trail (Hierophant AKA Sexual T-Rex – 8/2008)

2. Romi’s Morning Adjustment (Romi – 8/2008)

And my personal favorite…

1. Dog Eats Cat (2 Lazy Dogs – 8/2008)

I am sorry for the few entries that weren’t posted. They were awesome, but I just couldn’t post them all. Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for future contests, with themes!

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

18 thoughts on “The Winners of Doom”

  1. Oh noes! You put my true name, the world will get me now! But seriously peoples, go check out my blog. Thanks for adding me to the list. Thank you sittingpugs, I liked #5 as well, :). I really liked the dog eats cat one though.

  2. “Romi’s Morning Adjustment”…hahahahaha…love it, Romi!

    OOOo…and mine is your personal favorite? Holy shit! Thanks B5, I’m honored. I was actually stumped for something to draw and then the dog started eating the cat – what’s better than depicting a real life event?

  3. HAHAHA…these are so great, what a fab idea B5!

    Thanks lazydogs, and while I am such a cat person, I actually found your picture hilarious, despite the ribs being bitten into! LMAO ;-)

  4. Pugs: Yeah, that dude sent me so many good ones, but that was my favorite.

    Wall-E: Thank you. I wish I knew who you really were.

    Kerplar: Indeed they do. Thanks for entering. And you should make your name clickable, so everyone can click on your blog. Rolled.

    Tina: The purpose of this contest was to prove that everyone can draw. So draw. And send it to me.

    And I love your blog. Rolled.

    2lazy: Your picture is so good. I wish I had half your skills to draw animals. I suck it at animals.

    Romi: I too am a cat person. My interpretation of the piece makes me think that the cat escaped and kicked the dogs ass.

  5. I loved all the pictures, and now I realize i am too late to enter *cries* .. i’m sorry B, i’ve been busy with family and work and stuff. please forgive me!!

  6. @ Romi and 2 lazy dogs – you guys rock!
    @ Bronsonfive – I wish I had got here in time to play. I have not been by in a while I guess that Joebecca and I will have to play next time.

  7. I wish I had more time to put into that picture. I was leaving for home and realized I wouldn’t have time to do one unless I threw something together really quick.

    I’m glad you did this though. I’m not saying I’m going to to do it ever again, but it’s possible I could have a new hobby on my hands. I’ll let you know.

  8. Joebecca: It’s okay. But you better draw something next time (which may be soon).

    Cowgal: Yes, it has indeed been a while. Now that you’re back, I expect one from you too.

    Teeni: Yes, her skills are quite good. And I like your style.

    Kerplar: You can do somehow under your profile management or something. It will ask your home page, then it will automatically make your name clickable. Or something.

    Hiero: You know you’re going to do it again son. Don’t even front.

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