I Missed the Anniversary Party…

Holy shit… this is the longest I’ve gone without posting a new blog entry. For that, I apologize. It seems it can happen to anybody. But what better time to return than your year anniversary?

It seems that this year has flown on by. As of 9/7/2008, City Pictures (Pictures of Doom) turned 1. My little boy has grown. So much has changed in my life and I was glad to share it with you all. As many of you know, I’ve moved to a new (shitty) town and took on a new (awesome) profession, shaping the minds of our youth. It’s a good time, and something that is sure to inspire many new entries in the coming year. So thanks for sticking around. I know I’ve been gone, but I’ll be back and strong. But will you guys be my friend again? Can you forgive me?

I don’t know where I’ve been Mr. Giraffe (9/2008)

I’ve been pausing a little bit on the posts too, because, well, I’ve been a little bummed. I mean, I got a job I couldn’t be anymore happy with but I moved to a place I am not too happy with in order to make that happen. I’ve been trying to cope with that. I lived here during my high school years and it seems that nothing has changed since those times. I miss the days when I was surrounded with more. But for now, those days are never coming back.

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11 thoughts on “I Missed the Anniversary Party…”

  1. well…just focus on the positive “profession” aspect of it now, ’cause as you build experience in something you enjoy doing, you’ll have the opportunity to do it somewhere else, I’m sure of it! :-)

    PS: Happy Blogaversary! :-)

    PPS: ummm…did that “Mr” giraffe grow up near a nuclear meltdown or something? ‘Cause he looks like he’s having his period all over you…scientific oddity.

  2. THANK FRICKING GOD! YOU’RE BACK! I have had nothing interesting to read in for like ever! I moved to a not so cool area either (Burnaby, BC) so I could go to school and I left my girlfriend on Vancouver island. Ya it sucks but you do what you got to do.

  3. Im glad you’re back my friend. Now my wrists can have a break :) Looking forward to the awesomeness that is your new profession

  4. Evyl: Thanks. I wish I was more productive lately though.

    Romi: I added the blood for, and in all seriousness, no absolute reason. The picture looked boring to me, so I thought, “Let me use the splatter tool.” Gave it some depth.

    Kerplar: Thanks for waiting. I am sorry dinner got cold. But I brought an apple pie for later.

    Pugs: It depends who you ask. I think it can say “fuck”.

    Crazy Sam: Thanks for making your way here. Crazy!

    Omega: I hope so indeed. But it takes fine readers like yourself.

    WAll-e: Yes, slitting wrists is no joke unless it’s being done by someone you don’t like!

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