Am I Fucked?

So this week has been pretty quiet so far. That’s because I had some big ambitions. For instance, one of those ambitions was for me to finally get a Wacom Tablet that I have been craving for so long. Those you confused as to what that is, let’s just say it’s a device that may (or may not) help my pictures from all looking the same. I went and traveled all about my worthless county and came up empty. I still live without a beloved Tablet.

Then, I had this wicked brilliant idea for a new bi-weekly column here at Pictures of Doom. I was inspired by WordPress’s claim that you can now post polls in your entries. I signed up where I need to sign up, attempted to post a poll but when I previewed the entry, no such poll existed. I’ve tried for days but still can’t get it going. How does one do this? Please leave comments and instruct the internet illiterate.


Why Have You Forsaken Me? (2/2009)

My third and final problem lately has been with the uploading of pictures. Back in 2008, when you read one of my entries, you could click on the actual picture and it would then take you to an entirely new page with just the picture on it, so you could see it in all of its glory (at a better resolution too). It was something that was somehow done automatically, by wordpress I assume, but something that no longer done. Am I doing something wrong? Or did WordPress eliminate that?

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope (and by help, I mean please leave a useful comment that may assist me in my troubles). Thanks for any and all assistance.

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6 thoughts on “Am I Fucked?”

  1. I’m suprised you couldnt get the poll to work, Try it again, go to add new post, then click the poll circle thing, then Write your poll question, add the answers on the bottom, then save the poll, and send it to the editor. All i did was sign up with the auto one(idk if you did the other one, i think the one i did had the word go in it, then make sure you send it to the editor(idk what that means, i dont think it goes anywhere but to you) then save the poll and, no you cant preview it, but if you post it, it shows up. hopefully i didnt send you in a loop you’ve already tried.

  2. oh ok, the thing i signed up with was polldaddy…but i mixed it up with godaddy…both sites sound like porno sites…but then after you make your poll, and click send to editor, it should link it in your post.

  3. Can you not add html tags to your images. Like surround your image in an href link to a seperate webpage. Something like:

    I’m a little rusty with my html scripting, so I don’t know if that would work at all, or even if you can add html tags with wordpress.

  4. Hahaha, the comment box wouldnt let me add the html. So it didn’t appear. Let me try again. Try this:

    “a href=”””img src=”someimage.jpg” alt=”someimage”””/a”

    Put a everywhere there is a quote, except for the quotes directly beside and someimage.jpg, and someimage.

  5. OMG It should read, “Put a (less than, or greater than sign)” those characters apparently don’t appear in comments either.

  6. Kerplar: Thanks for the tips… WordPress used to do the picture thing AUTOMATICALLY, which was awesome because if you clicked on one, you could see it in almost full resolution. Now my pictures aren’t as clear and it annoys me.

    462: Ah, you are so correct. You CAN’T preview a poll. You can only see once you publish it. Silly me…

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