Hot or Not: Kimmy Gibler?


America’s First Public Foot Fetish (2/2009)

Remember when you were a kid and Full House came on, and you were like, “Man, which chick would I bang?” So tell me, do/did you think she is/was hot? You know you wanted the Giblet to rub her toes all over your face, you dirty bastard…

Go ahead and vote today in Pictures of Doom’s first ever election! Fuck the presidential shit, we here care only for the important issues. Like Kimmy Gibler. So get out there and vote! And tell your friends! Send them my way because I want to hit the 40,000 views mark by the end of February. And I am greedy, but we’ll tackle that later.

Author: bronsonfive

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17 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Kimmy Gibler?”

  1. Oh god no. Even though I was fairly young and innocent when this show was on, I had an instinctual ability to tell that she was crazy annoying and I did not like her.

  2. I vote for hot. Not because she was, but because this is f%$^ing Full House and almost 20 years after it went off the air, I still love it :)

  3. Kerplar: I bet now, you’d bang her.

    Tara: I am with you…

    Anne: A dork you’d bang…

    Romi: You mean to tell me you wouldn’t be apart of a scissor with her? Haha! That made me laugh and I never say anything funny.

    462: FUCK! YES! Zelda from Pet Semetary! I think I know where this new weekly column is going in the coming weeks. I like the way you think…

  4. You may have done this back in the day, but I’m lazy and don’t want to look. Have you ever described how you create your pics. Like, what tools you use and shit. I’d like to do it myself. Also, if you don’t want to post about it, what is your e-mail address.

    1. 4582: I use Adobe Illustrator… It’s a little scary once you start using it but you get the hang of it real quick. Not that I am a master or anything but I never knew shit about illustrator until I started this here blog. This blog was like my illustrator training tool. Back in the day though, I used to use paint.

  5. Pugs: The Full House fun isn’t over… there will be more Hot or Nots dedicated to the show.

    Romi: I love the way you use caps lock. It’s either saying, “I’m in denial!” or “I really want no part of that girl!”

  6. Mike and I saw Bob Saget at the Improve a few years ago – he was almost through his set when he was like – I know you’ve been waiting for me to say that I banged the Olsen twins. Well I didn’t. I respect them I wouldnt do that! It was Kimmie Gibbler!

  7. aww, i did notice the bridge in the backround, the backround reminds me a bit of candyland at first, that’s why i didnt know your totally relevant golden gate bridge. The foot, i don’t understand, unless it’s a comparison to her face.

  8. I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my blog about the public school systems, being the mother of small children, I’m getting ready to face this demon myself..

    But I’m the kind of parent doesnt believe my kids have to go to private school to make anything of themselves.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ll bookmark you – your artistry….is interesting. ;)

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