Search Term of the Week: Rachel is a Pickle

What? I often wonder why people search half the shit they do to stumble upon my glorious pictures, but how would someone be confused with a pickle? And which entry of mine did this search term on Google take them to? Hopefully this picture will shed some light on our salty mystery.


Rachel and Curtis (2/2009)

And have my pictures not been on fire this week, or what? I mean, this picture has fucking pickle cleavage! Who else does that? I like Curtis a lot too. Expect to see him around more. Like Future. For you newcomers, I wrote an entry about Future a while back. Since then, he has appeared in my header once, and a few other regular drawings since then (including one this week). He’s a robot and he will kill you.

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

10 thoughts on “Search Term of the Week: Rachel is a Pickle”

  1. you…are…so…weird…BUT I give you props on the pickle cleavage. Your little guy looks utterly disturbed at his girlfriends trnasformation.

  2. Nobody seems to detect that the true ACE part of this picture is that the pickle-chick is seductively twirling one of her golden ringlets of hair with her pickle finger…doesn’t anyone see that??!??!!? AMAZING… :-)

  3. Anne: That pickle is hot… probably the hottest thing I’ve ever drawn.

    Trisha: I hope that is sooner, than later.

    Jennifer: No, that’s cleave.

    462: Maybe he is really turned on…?

    Kerplar: Why is lettuce more exciting? Dare I ask.

    Bridget: I actually have a draft of a blog about cleavage. Sometimes I don’t get it.

    Romi: I knew YOU would be the only one to comment on that. Awesome! I drew that part for you.

  4. LMAO….I haven’t read your blog in a while and was intrigued by ‘shit pickle’ in the little word balloon thing so I clicked. I just got done wiping tears from my eyes. My name is Rachel too. I think my blog on here was cheetah14 or something, I don’t remember, haven’t touched the sucker in a long time.

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