Hot or Not: Kiera Knightley?

I bet even the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz wouldn’t even want any of this action. Why doesn’t someone throw this bitch a donut? Or a taco? Or an Oreo? And for fuckballs sake, keep her fingers away from her throat! Look what’s happening to her!


The Fruits of Kiera Knightley (3/2009)

I saw Domino in theaters a couple years back. I remember a scene where our beloved Kiera became topless. At the time, I was too shocked to cover my eyes. It was a horrifying sight – like looking in on a dressing room full of 10 year-old boys changing before a baseball game. I think I have bigger boobs than her. So does my mailbox. Why do people want to penetrate her?

Author: bronsonfive

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10 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Kiera Knightley?”

  1. As a woman with a 12-year-old boy bod, this one is near and dear to my heart. I don’t care that she’s skinny. I mean, i guess i do if she’s throwing up or something because that’s just stupid and she should not do that…but I think she’s repulsive because I can count on two fingers the number of times i’ve seen her on screen with her mouth shut. Seriously Bitch, your pie hole does not have to be open at all times. I think she thinks it helps “sex” her up. Go watch any of her movies..never. closes. the. mouth. God, I want to punch her.

  2. Ha ha, this is really crative actually!! I painted a naked tree woman once…only it was nothing like this…I have to say, I dig her…It depends on the role she plays…I saw her naked in the jacket, and I wasn’t complaining, it’s her long neck that turns me off sometimes…

  3. creative***(damn my speedy typing..)and she is holding an apple…she’s making an effort to chow down…also the backround looks like spilled yogurt, awesome!

  4. I hate Kiera Knightley almost as much as I hate Scarlett Johnansson. Gross and grosser and when you add Angelina Jolie, it’s grossest.

  5. Bridge: At first, I thought I might have hurt your feelings. Then I realized that you are way hotter than Kiera, and do not look like a boy from behind. You also have little things, like facial features, that make you miles above her. You should be in her shoes.

    Jbone: I do indeed hope you voted not.

    462: Her neck, her male breasts, her lack of facial features, her inability to close her mouth… I could list for hours.

    Sammy: But do you want one of her apples?

    Tara: I agree with your dislike for that trio. Jolie freaks me out the most. Who would want to creep up in something that Billy Bob crept up in?

    Kerplar: It’d be like fucking a pile of sticks! There’d be a fire man.

  6. since i have the figure of a fuller woman i tend to be envious of those with athletic builds. not sure who thinks she is hot but the grass is greener on the other side. i wish i did not have amazon woman boobs but i am sure there may be ladies (and men) that would like them. i guess all that matters is thank god there are different shapes and sizes for all tastes. and my man appreciates me as i am sure some men adore the thin athletic types as well. and i am sure some women adore shorter hairless head men. :-)

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