Charlie Got Punched…

I have no story today but I do have a picture. I’ll let your imagination create a story for this one.


Steak Can Cure That (3/2009)

Wow, I actually drew an entire person, not just the torso. Things may be happening for me after all.

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

7 thoughts on “Charlie Got Punched…”

  1. Yesterday was Charlie’s undoing.

    After weeks and weeks of being called “Leo-TARD” Leonard had had enough.

    Charlie ran out onto the school playground with his grubby band of buddies and headed straight for poor Leonard who was only trying to read his book. Leonard wore glasses and suffered from severe allergies, thus his nose was always red and runny. Leanard was never a handsome child.

    “Hey, Leo-TARD! Whatcha readin’? ‘Hairy Pooter and the Temple of Crap’? “Ha haha!”

    All of Charlie’s cohorts guffawed and moved in closer, forming a tight circle around Leonard.

    Leonard wiped his runny nose , set his book down carefully and replied “Charlie, my Dad said I shouldn’t take your insults anymore. I’m warning you to leave me alone!!”

    “Ooooo!! Or what, Leo-TARD?” The gang laughed loudly and pounded Charlie on the back.

    “Or I will be forced to deal with you in a most unpleasant manner.” Leonard said.

    Charlie sneered and with his right hand knocked Leonard’s glasses off his face. They landed on the grass a few feet away.
    Leonard stood up quickly and using his book as a shield tried to push through the boys blocking his way. The book caught Charlie squarely on the nose!

    “AAIIYYEEE!!!” Charlie screamed, as blood gushed from his face! “He HIT me!”

    Leonard had no idea of the damage he’d just done since he was quite blind without his glasses. He dropped to his knees, feeling for his glasses and in doing so caught two of the other boys in the legs and they went down. Bedlam ensued as they tangled up , arms flailing for balance. Leonard inadvertently whacked another boy in the, um..scrotal area. The screams brought the playground monitors running and soon they were sorted out.

    Leonard found his glasses and popping them on his face saw finally that Charlie’s nose was bleeding and his right eye was already beginning to turn a purpley hue.

    Leonard is no longer referred to as “Leo-TARD”. His new name is
    “Leo the Lion”.
    Of course he’s still unattractive.

  2. Look at that freakin’ sneaky expression the giraffe’s face; it’s like he’s checking just to make sure he drew blood…what a bastard, haha…but he’s still cute ;-)

  3. I bet he said something racist to the giraffe, bitch had it coming! Ha ha, this is a full person, can’t wait to see a full giraffe ;)

  4. Trisha: That is a WAY better story than I ever thought possible. Good job! And you were so quick with it.

    Romi: I think the giraffe is supposed to look sad but maybe he is a little asshole.

    462: Everything I have ever written makes sense. That’s just the way it is.

    Jennifer: They giraffe shows up a lot. Maybe I will put him in my new header.

    Anne: Me too. Even when they are sad.

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