Tidbits of Info (or Tiny Pieces of Informative News Offerings)

I know, I know. 4 entries in one week? Don’t get too excited… just look at the quality of artwork. They are nowhere near as great as last week but that’s a whole other conversation. This particular entry is to clear the air out on a few minor issues, or services, you may not be aware of. So read close and you may learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts has the best fucking coffee of any fast-food/coffee chain. Shut up – you know it to be true. Starbux coffee tastes like it was burnt beyond repair and McDonald’s tastes too watery for me. But Dunkin’ handles their shit.
  2. Let me know if you add me to your blogroll or webpage. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting some hits from strange places, which is awesome, but I’d like to return the favor. Let me know if you add me so I can then add you. I don’t read minds you know. I also have a strange goal to reach 50,000 hits by summer for no other reason than my life will end if I don’t.
  3. Click on my pictures to see them in their full glory! What you see in a story of mine is only 75% quality. Colors lack, details fade, etc. I want you to see them in their full glory. What’s the point of looking at them if you’re not really seeing them? Here is one for you to try on:


Click on the Coffee Cup Right Now! (3/2009)

See the difference? Isn’t it spectacular? That is all for now. Going to see The Watchmen this weekend. Hopefully it will stir up some movie conversation because it’s been a while for that.

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

9 thoughts on “Tidbits of Info (or Tiny Pieces of Informative News Offerings)”

  1. how do i get updated when you post a new story or picture? i have to look through stupid facebook for you. can i register or something? i have nothing else to do at 3am except read your funny shit. and who gave me that avatar? did you decide on it? why do some people’s look angry and mean?

    i like to make my own coffee now. i can make it as strong as needed. i buy starbucks and dd. i buy my own creamer and raw sugar. that is what the economy has done to me. made me make my own el cafe. and i love it more than the stupid stores and it doesn’t cost me 3 bucks for a freaking cup of java.

  2. I’ve had iced Dunkin coffee but not hot Dunkin coffee. I’ll give it a try on the morrow.

    I really like the accompanying pic…all that magenta and orange jagged and straight (vs. swirly).

  3. 50k hits. we’ll get working on that. beginning of summer where you are, or australia, antarctica? what? i need to up my visits so you don’t die…

  4. I love the cute little puppetlike hand holding the coffee! It reminds me of seasame street, and the colors remind me of the outfit the adorable Isla Fischer wore in that shoppholics movie.

  5. I’ve never tried DD coffee. I shall try it next time I’m near a DD. I have to say I’m a big fan of Timmy Ho’s coffee (Tim Horton’s)…not sure you have that chain in your neck of the woods. Starfuck’s coffee tastes like ass. It’s true.

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