Check me giving head…

.  .  .ers to my sweet blog. Headers. Not head. Did you think I was going somewhere else with that? Naughty kids.

I’m a little shy of the 2 year anniversary of Pictures of Doom/City Pictures/Best Blog Ever Aside From Some Others That Are Much Better. I just noticed that I’ve plowed some headers during that time. The average person updates their blog image once a year. Just ask Romi. I guess I update mine every few months. Here is the evolution of City Pictures/Pictures of Doom (click on them if you want to see them bigger):

Header 1: Actual City Buildings


I actually really like this one. It lasted from start to about March of 2008.

Header 2: Rabbit and Future


This was inspired by a story I once wrote that can never be published, thanks to a certain film starring Eminem.

Header 3: Monster of Doom


A green testicle with wings. Testicular cancer maybe? How else could it be represented?

Header 4: Mike’s Favorite Thing


This one is recent – a self-portrait of me throwing up. I really like this one but it seems this wasn’t much a fan favorite…

Header 5: Mike’s Childhood of Doom


Sperm is a reoccuring theme here. I think with this year’s birthday entry/header design, I’ve perfected the art. My sperm drawings are better than anyone else’s in the galaxy.

Which is your favorite? Oh yeah? Why don’t you vote already?

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

9 thoughts on “Check me giving head…”

  1. I like how your in “throwing up” header, you also seem to be lactating two smooth streams from your motherly bosom.

  2. I’m quite fond of Rabbit and Future but I also really dig the simplicity of Actual City Buildings. Keep them coming. I always love to see what the Majesty of Header Design will come up with next.

  3. Haha….Monster of Doom is my fave, not that I promote testicular cancer!! And you’re right, you gotta update the ol’ blog image, especially in this blogging period of decline….and I say “decline” ’cause don’t know, it feels like blogging vs. a year ago is in a period of decline (which is my ego’s way of justifying a reduction in traffic…haha)…your thoughts?

    PS: congrats on two years! :-)

  4. Bridge: I do like the throwing up one too. I think I may try that one again, as I was never a fan of the color scheme…

    Kerplar: Yes!

    2lazy: I really like the city one. That’s probably the one I worked on the hardest, but it was my first one, so I had to make an impression before the inevitable disappointment.

    462: It does indeed. Why did he have to take a knife to the chest?

    BigJ: That’s one camping story I’d like to hear.

    Romi: The two years isn’t here yet… I still have 4 more months. And yeah, it seems like blogging culture here hasn’t been the same lately. What’s up? Should we start offering free drinks?

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