Anna Faris’ Crazy Plastic Lip…

Some people do shit to their body that is completely unacceptable. Others do shit that is acceptable. For example, the single mother stripper who needs a new set of tits, because years of child births sagged them things down and no respectable wife-cheating business man wants to throw down money on saggy boobs. They simply do it out of need. If their boobs don’t pass the test, no one will make it rain for them.

Anna Faris does not fall into this category. She was perfectly fine a few years ago. Everything was good. Sure, she is no Meryl Streep as far as acting is concerned, but she isn’t fucking as emotionless as Summer Glau for testicular sake. She seems to land about 2 movies a year and has no problem doing so.

So what the fuck happened to her lip?

I tried watching House Bunny (a sure-fire Oscar contender) and I couldn’t look past it. What happened to her top lip man? Does she have a leprechaun punch her every morning before work or did she actually get work done?


Move Over, Julia Roberts (4/2009)

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6 thoughts on “Anna Faris’ Crazy Plastic Lip…”

  1. hahaha…I haven’t seen House Bunny but whenever I would see those movie posters on the subway I would always wonder if they had printed those posters wrong in the lip area, haha…and it’s true…she wasn’t one of thosee 40-year-old thin-lipped women with dry wrinkled puckers who need to resort to a collagen lip-infusion…why Anna? Why?…sigh….

  2. watch her in observe and report, I used to watch her in scary movies and i thought her lips were too small and her teeth were too yellow(she has since bleached her teeth too), like shes rockin in every other category, but I honestly don’t mind her lips. She still rocks the part in my pants.

  3. I was looking around the web for info on this, and I get the impression that Anna Faris did have her lips done, but not permanently. According to this article from “The Star”
    “… the actress has likely had an injectable hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane or Juvaderm injected into both her upper and lower lips.” The article also says “Results last from four to nine months”, so this appears to be a non-permanent change. Recent pics from GQ seem to back this up: (_ I don’t know about any other plastic surgery she may have had, but I wasn’t even too keen on her turning blonde. I like her the way she was and hope she goes back to her natural hair color.

  4. FYI….
    She is a natural blonde, she just dyed it black to resemble Sydney(scream character) for her movie (scary movie)

  5. Blonde, nar,,, she was mousy at best,& almost on the verge of being a Ginger. Top lip is strange to look at but..

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