“Goodbye My Sweet”

You know that sad giraffe you often see in my pictures?

Back in 2002, right around the time I wrote Rabbit and Future (which was then ruined by a certain Eminem movie), I wrote another story. It was called Goodbye My Sweet and it told the tale of a man named Bill, his wife Wendy, and his sad Giraffe. This is where he came from.

I’m not going to go into too much detail here about what the plot entails because, unlike Rabbit and Future, I have decided to remake this story.

“What does that mean to me?”

I am not sure yet but I have already started it up. You see, the story is simply too big for me to post in a blog entry here for you to see. So, since I will be unemployed soon and all, I’ve decided to embark on drawing it up again – modernizing it City Pictures of Doom style – for all of you to see. Want to see the original cover?

coverGoodbye My Sweet 2002 (2/2002)

Only I am going to go big this time. Last summer I mentioned that I would be doing some original paints for you to purchase at ass cheap prices. But that never actually happened, what with all the moving I did and so forth. That isn’t happening this time.

I already started beefing up the story (meaning I am re-drawing it from scratch). Also, in 2002, I noticed that my story lacked a little bit. The only way to fix that is to add a few new pages. What’s next?

The only thing I can do, aside from posting it here, is to get it printed.

“Wait… what?”

Yes, I am going to get it printed. Create a book with a nice layout and get a nice print job going for it. It will be the first ever City Pictures book.

“How can I get one?”

Goodbye My Sweet will be ready to ship in July. This new version will be in complete color, with redrawn characters, backgrounds, and more story. In the next month or two, I will post some pictures of the final product, a page sample, as well as pricing information and where you can get it. It’s going to be a super limited edition first (and probably only) pressing so you probably have to act fast. Again, those details will come.

Author: bronsonfive

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5 thoughts on ““Goodbye My Sweet””

  1. YES – finally! I love when talented people (especially those I love) come up with ways to exploit their art! I’m not being a smart-ass…I really do love this. I’ve been trying to get Mick to do the same with his cartoons for YEARS!!! Maybe you will be his inspiration. Can’t wait to see it ;)

  2. O M G!!! All your lovely cock punching pictures!! That would be an interesting conversation piece laying around your house,”in this photo the artist is discussing the P’s, a three step system to prevent children!!!!”

  3. OMG, the rabbit and Future plot is really cute. I wish I could of read it in full. It has a hint of The Giving Tree to it, which is a compliment, it’s sweet. I’m exstatic for your divorce story.

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