“What can we forgive?”

Holy shit, has it been a long time. It’s been so long since I drew a picture or wrote any kind of words of relevance, that it took me 9 minutes to figure out how to log into this thing.

I don’t really have an excuse for the absence. A lot of shit has happened over the past 9 months or so since I’ve even been here. But I figured now would be a good time to let you know that I have a computer on the way. You see, my current computer, the computer I used to draw on, lost Illustrator around the time the pictures stopped. And getting it back has proven difficult, unless I chose some illegal ways to get it. I guess I could have done that, only I typically don’t roll that way.

“So what the fuck happened to you dude?”

I was surprised to actually get an e-mail or 6 from some of you various sorts about how much you’ve missed me. “What?” I thought. They couldn’t be talking about me — about this. That just isn’t possible.

A lot has happened during this past year. I was taking care of an old man. I was getting a new job (still teaching, calm down). I ended a relationship. It was all of these things that allowed all of this to be put by the way side.

“Damn bro, don’t be a fucking downer.”

But with every end, comes some humble beginnings. Things are awesome right now. So awesome, that I decided to post this story book for you. I was originally going to re-draw it, in color, with Illustrator, and add some new life to it. But then I lost it all, so that never happened.

So here it is, in all it’s glory. This story was written somewhere around 2002. It’s been in hiding, so be kind to it. Consider this my apology for a long trip gone. And only a morsel of that which should come. The story continues after the jump (that’s the part coming up that you have to click)…

Goodbye My Sweet (2002-2010)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

8 thoughts on ““What can we forgive?””

  1. very excited to see whats to come. perhaps some treasured stories of the time you will be spending with gramps. he shall give you many stories to tell.

    in his honor – i request a picture of doom illustration of gramps


    Yes, you are certainly back! I wasn’t sure if you had made a declaration to never return, so needless to say I am happy to see you here again! I have actually been an absentee blogger/reader, so this was a good reminder to remember what’s what ;-)


    PS: I was sadder about the giraffe leaving than the chick

  3. Bronson,

    Dude, I haven’t checked back with people’s blogs in months. What is the chance that on the day I do, it’s the day after you post for the first time in ages.

    I haven’t thought about ranking them too many times, but of all the blogs I ever followed yours was one of my favorites. I loved the pictures as well as the little stories.

    Doug aka Sexual T-rex aka SmilesD and all the other BS names I went by.

  4. Shweta: Everyone leaves eventually.

    Romi: Yes… I am back. Still working on how to keep it back though. Good to see your back too…

    Mike: B5? I have no idea… I think my journalism career is as dead as Heath Ledger.

    Doug! Where you been at dude? When you hitting the pen and pad once again?

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