Nothing about this makes sense…

On my travels through my computer’s hard drives and flash drives, I’ve stumbled upon some really weird crap. First there was Goodbye My Sweet, a tragic tale of a man who simply can’t handle loss. I even found Rabbit and Future but that Slim Shady movie that came out weeks after I wrote it prevents it from ever being published. Then I found this weird story.

Also written in 2002, it’s a true story about a strange night in 1996. I was 15 years-old. Some friends and I were all hanging out. Some of my friends were into doing crazy shit — like drink bottles of cough syrup or huff gas until you couldn’t smell it anymore. That was never my style but I couldn’t avoid going along for the ride. How could I not want to see what kind of crazy stuff they would get into?

Although I was never part of their over-the-counter intake adventures, they did provide me with enough adventure to fill a book. Or at least a small shitty book (drew with Paint mind you). I drew this about 8 years ago, while I was taking a trip down memory lane. It’s a rocky trip but I recalled this particular night and had to lay it on digital paper. Looking back on these illustrations, I find it hard to tell which character is which. See if you can tell.

See if you care.

But what did I learn through all of this? I saw kids doing crazy shit when I was still one of them. I never put a bottle of cough syrup to my lips for anything other than fighting a cold. I’ve never done anything with gasoline that didn’t involve keeping a car alive.

Life was always too hilarious for that. It still is.

Where the Day Takes Us (2002-2010)

Author: bronsonfive

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5 thoughts on “Nothing about this makes sense…”

  1. The dog looks like a pig. Otherwise, it’s a masterpiece. Especially the lizard. In fact, the lizard more than makes up for the pig-dog. So, good work.

  2. This really funny to me because I totally can see these guys doing this stuff. Although I never imagined that one of them would fight an evil lizard and live to tell the tale! lmao

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