Parents is Dumber – Your Kid Showed Her Boyfriend Her Special Area…

…and you’re in absolute denial about it.

“Not my kid good sir! My kid would never do that!”

No? Then why is it such a common theme amongst young girls or boys of today?

I’ve been a teacher for about 2 years now. The one thing that doesn’t surprise me with the youth of today is the amount of absolute stupidity they display on an almost daily basis. When I was a youngster, I was scared of doing anything wrong. That isn’t to say I didn’t do anything wrong — because I certainly partook in more than one illegal activity as a youth. But it was never anything permanent.

For example, I never took a picture of genital area, and gave it to a special female friend. I think I was even smart enough to know that whomever I was “dating” in 7th grade would certainly not end up being my wife at a later date down the road, after high school and college, etc.

Nowadays kids have cellphones — thanks to you, idiotic parent of America. What you don’t know — or what you’re not ready to admit — is that you are arming your kid with a camera and a way to send digital photos to whoever they want. I see it about once a month. Some girl sends a picture to her boyfriend of the week, of all of her “treats”, but they break-up a week later. Only those photos are still on his phone, so he shows all her friends and he calls her a slut. Now everyone at the school has seen her good-bits and she’s mortified. She may even be mortified enough to end her life.

Check out my girlfriend’s boobs! (4/2010)

You don’t believe though, do you, Mr. or Mrs. Parent? No, you never do. And I always see you on the news, crying after your kid is gone, saying, “But Susie would never do that.” Oh no? Then why did she?

Americans have become so friendly with their kids that they forgot how to be parents. Our kids are not our friends. They are our kids. They need our guidance more so than our friendship. Single-parents especially; why are you talking to your kids about who you’ve had sex with the night before? Your kid is 13 years-old… they don’t need to know that.

Yet I see it everyday. In the classroom. But this isn’t all because I see so much more. This is just the frosting on the cake.

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3 thoughts on “Parents is Dumber – Your Kid Showed Her Boyfriend Her Special Area…”

  1. As a parent of a 13-year-old, I get this. My child does not have a cell phone. And he is still a child. It is scary to see what the other kids do. Keeping them busy and focused is the best way to keep them out of trouble. Our neighbor who is 16 just got expelled from high school because he was selling the weed. 16 dude. He cannot go to any other high school in orange county.

  2. My parents are assholes, the opposite of what you speak of is rendering your kid socially inept. I didn’t have a cell until 11th grade, wasn’t allowed to have a facebook till 12th, but by then I had no friends to send my vagina to anyway…

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