5 thoughts on “Picture No Words – Careful with that Helium”

  1. This is how I feel everyday at 3 PM. That’s when my day teaching high school ends. 4th quarter, no one gives a shite. I’m considering buying a helium tank to keep under my desk for those times I need a little lift. Is that so wrong?

    Michael – I need a new header for my blog? Are you ever terribly bored with nothing to do but design something weird for strange women? It was leakybrain, but now I’m vodkaandgroundbeef.wordpress.com. I want something artsy with vodka and ground beef in it. Maybe a bottle of vodka filled with ground beef. I don’t know. Like I said, my head is too big; it’s filled with the voices of sullen teens asking, begging, pleading, “Can we just watch a movie instead of hear you lecture?!” I don’t blame them. Hit me back if you’re bored and want to jazz something up for me. If not, well then I’ll die alone from an overdose of helium.

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