Parents is Dumber – This is Why Your Kid Has Sex With Teachers

Let me preface this by saying this story may upset some of you. I’m sorry. It deals with the simple issue of teachers having sex with students. While I understand that some of these stories in the media stem from force (an issue I am certainly not discounting); this particular tale deals instead where the relationship happens because of consent from both parties. You see, I was brought up in a way such that I was the only one responsible for my actions. My mom never blamed anyone for anything wrong I ever did. She didn’t blame society, video games, or the music I listened to. And I love her for it. Parenting today, however, believes not in these things. They put responsibility on anything that isn’t their own kid or even their crappy parenting abilities. Fuck that. So if this story grosses you out or makes you angry, sorry, but you’re probably part of the problem. Regardless, pass this to your friends.

The parental front has taken a rather huge hit in recent years. Part of the problem here is that we have babies raising babies. You’ve heard that saying before. I’m currently 29 years-old. I teach kids who are only 12-13 years-old. Some of their parents are younger than me, which means they had their child at 15 or 16… how mature do you think they were?

I taught high school for a year. Freshman, 14-15 years-old. It was pretty excruciating – especially since it was my first year. Brutal. That isn’t to say I didn’t have any good kids, because I did, but I was teaching all lower level kids. A lot of them had no support at home so their educational lessons went wasted. That’s a huge part of the problem because 50% of the educational process happens at home, no matter what you think. If you don’t support and encourage your child’s education each night, you’re going to lose them. If you don’t care, they don’t care. And if they don’t care, the classroom will be full of degenerates.

So check on your kid’s education. Take an interest in what they learned and make it all seem special and important. Only you can help shape the next president or writer or astronaut or scientist. We don’t need anymore toothless fast-food employees. We have enough.

But this isn’t the moral of this tale. I was rambling, you crazy ramblers. Let me get to the point.

There has been a lot of stories in the media about teachers forming sexual relations with students. It happens more and more often as time goes by. Being a teacher myself, I could never understand how a person in my field could bring myself to have sex with someone they help educate. Not to mention the fact that these kids are underage. That doesn’t seem to matter to these people though. Regardless, students are not to be our friends and lovers. They are children with a desire for education. How can the responsible adult try to change their desire for knowledge into a desire for cock?

There were the thoughts that ran through my head before I was a teacher on the front lines. Before I actually understood what was actually going on in a classroom. Before I knew how your son or daughter actually spoke to a teacher — or even looked at them. Teaching 9th grade for one single year has allowed me the fortune to deduce a new hypothesis: It’s not entirely the teacher’s fault.

“Whoa, wait a second dude. How can a child be responsible for such an atrocity?”

When I was a kid, I knew that it wasn’t right to stick my cock in a teacher’s vagina. I mean, teacher’s are mostly at fault. They no doubt get it started. But there is more to it than that. Taking any responsibility off the children is simply idiotic.

I’m semi-young. Students treat younger teachers a little different than older ones. They are way more friendly towards us. Some girls have even sought my advice on one-too-many-a-personal-issue. Things I would never even imagine talking to a teacher about. Two girls last year even told me that they wish they had a father like me. One of their fathers was dead; the other was in jail.

Moreover, the thing that surprised me most last year was the amount of cleavage I was exposed to. It was simply unavoidable (and disgusting). It never ceased to amaze me how much cleavage some 14 year-old girls are blessed cursed with.

Remember my bit about babies raising babies? Thanks to that, these young girls know what they are packing and exactly how to use it. Or use them, whatever. Guys flock around girls with the most cleave and smarter girls know how to use that to their advantage. These guys will do anything for the girl with the most cleavage.

Teen Tits for Jailbirds (5/2010)

So how do you let your kid walk out the fucking door with their tits flopping all over the place. You have to know that your kid has the breasts of a supple porn star, right? Why do you buy them shirts that allow these things to say hello to the world?

“But I can’t watch my kid every minute of the day – I trust them to get themselves ready and make it to school on time. I have to get ready for work too, you know! Asshole!”

I’m not saying you can’t live your life and take care of your own stuff.

But don’t be surprised when the police show up to your door and inform you that your child just rode her science teacher in the back of a minivan in the parking lot of an abandoned K-Mart. Or that she blew another student in the bathroom and then let him cum all over her sweet treats afterwards.

I’ve worked at a school that had two sexual problems between teachers and students in one tumultuous year. Who were the teachers? Men – between 30 and 40 years of age. – unhappily married. What do you think they are going to do when a girl shows them some batted eyelashes and a peak at their tits (thanks to their scantly shirts)? Their misery allowed their retarded decisions to happen.

But your fatuous parenting styles gave it birth.

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8 thoughts on “Parents is Dumber – This is Why Your Kid Has Sex With Teachers”

  1. I agree with you 100%. As a father (without a daughter) there is no way in hell I would let my daughter walk out of the house wearing some of the things I see girls at River’s school wear. Now these chicks are in 8th grade, but should you really let your 14-15 year old daughter wear a mid thigh mini skirt with go go boots to do her flute recital? I always try to instill in River that if something feels wrong deep inside then it IS WRONG no matter what your friends or even your family may say therefore the “he/she talked me into it” excuse does not hold water.

  2. This makes me scared to have kids….maybe it’s because of my hometown where a lot of this garbage takes place but I feel like those of us who believe in the old fashion way where kids are not their parents friends are the minority. These girls who are dying to have kids just to make sure they are connected to a man in some capacity, is disgusting. A 16 yr old girl told me that the reason she isn’t having sex is because she can’t think of any one of her girlfriends who isn’t trying to get pregnant on purpose. THATS HER REASON. Not because it’s just not right to have a kid when she can’t even drive!

  3. compelling drop of truth bombage here!!! I am soooooooo glad I didn’t have boobs in junior high/high school(got a little shortchanged afterward as well, but that is neither here nor there).

    PS: reading this makes me glad my parents were so strict…so glad.

  4. When there’s inappropriate, prolonged physical contact between a male teacher and a female student, is the school and public likely to accuse the teacher for starting it, allowing it, and not stopping it?

    Same scenario but with a female teacher and a male student, are people more likely to consider the factors (even if those factors–age, disposition, nature of inappropriate behavior–hold no legal bearing)?

    Same scenario of teacher and student are of the same sex?

    I’m curious about what,if any, correlations there are between the student’s family situation and consciously vs. unconsciously provocative behavior compared to the student’s family situation and unruly, truculent behavior.

    Ostensibly well-adjusted, well-behaved, academically impressive students may get into drugs and other illegal activities, but how likely are they to seduce the teacher?

    I’m surprised that we haven’t read any news stories about video-conferenced teachers, or teachers that don’t have an overly nurturing tendency. What might start out as concern for a child’s mental health state could morph into a headline news.

  5. Look at it like this…it’s one idolized figurehead that is spreading their ideals to a bunch of kids that want to be cool, and if this teacher is ‘the cool teacher’ then everyone’s gonna want to slide up on that. It’s really not a matter of consensuality, it’s a matter of why a teacher would even romanticize the idea. A kid has nothing to lose in this situation. It’s sort of pathetic if a teacher feels any kind of high by sleeping with a student,that’s about as impressive as the gay sport of fishing. ‘Tricking and killing.’ It’s just a trophy fuck for a sad, burnt out teacher.

    Kids in this generation, are EXTREME. It’s like a bonus if they can get a teacher to sleep with them. It’s not even kids in this generation…it’s kids in the US. Other countries can teach kids sanity, like how to drink without going crazy. The US wants to get high, fucked, and comatose all at once.

  6. I never had sex in high school because my father said if I got a girl preg He would make me shuck corn and slop the pigs every day to support the girl and baby. I believed him.

  7. That parents are just as responsible for letting their kids dress like sluts. And parents need to take responsiblity and not just thinking the schools will raise their kids. Many parents let the schools and television do their job for them and then complain when they don’t think they did it right.

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