This Baby Inhales Better Than You Do!

I love the internet. For one, it has single-handedly destroyed all traces of journalism and film criticism the world over. For two, it has allowed the world to see things like this (smoking baby hilarity). We live on a crazy planet.

Smoke Rings of a 2-Year Old (5/2010)

What will kill this kid first… his weight problem or his lung cancer? Dude has bigger tits than you do!

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

2 thoughts on “This Baby Inhales Better Than You Do!”

  1. That is some super sick sad shit. I had to sneak a peak, just to see (could it really be?) but I couldn’t watch the whole clip. The clicking of cameras in the background pushed me over the edge. Someone needs to be beaten with a stick with several nails in it.

  2. I used to think when a baby does real human things it’s a lot cuter, like when babies wear crocs, it’s cute on them, but not real people. This isn’t so cute on a baby though…

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