“But my car likes BP gasoline the best!”

I’m tired of hearing about the oil spill. I’m tired of people telling me to ban BP stations. I’m tired of seeing oil-covered animals floating around the water. I’m tired of living in a state where giant gobs of tar wash up on its shores. Are we not part of America? Stop being shocked about this stuff people. This isn’t the first oil spill and it won’t be the last.

This has happened before.

“Wait dude, it has happened before but never to such huge spillage!”

So? Because more oil came out this time, I am supposed to care more? That makes no sense. Should we not have been outraged that oil companies drill so close to land? Fuck that… any oil drilling in the middle of the ocean is rather disgraceful.

“Whatever dude, still. BP is run by a bunch of assholes and we need to not give them any more of our money.”

Alright. I remember being a kid when that whole Exxon-Valdez thing happened. Do you remember it? “Hey everyone, let’s protest Exxon!” That was in the 1980s… so let me ask you a little multiple choice question:

What things exist today?
A. Good Spider-man films
B. Exxon Gasoline
C. Charles Bronson
D. John Denver

If you answered B, you are correct. None of that other stuff exists anymore. Those things have been wiped off this planet (or simply never existed, like choice A). Point is, we as Americans have a very lazy streak. We protest things in our Facebook statuses and what-not, but what real harm do we do? Nothing. I bet a quarter that BP will still exist over the next few years and this whole incident will be forgotten in less time than that. We talk a mean game but we never produce results.

“What are you talking about man, we got rid of the Republicans!”

Do you really notice a difference in how things are going in this country? How about this little nugget… This little BP incident can now be called Obama’s Katrina. He knew it was happening but he sure did take a minute to pull the trigger on something. And what is even being done about this?

I’ll tell you…

A country of people whining on the internet about how awful this situation is, while they gas up their car with another brand that is affecting our planet just as much. The only difference between BP and every other gas company is that BP slipped… their harm to the planet is actually being thrown in our faces. The other guys affect us invisibly. So the Gulf of Mexico is being destroyed inches per minute. You not shopping there anymore because they are killing hundreds of pelicans isn’t going to stop the next oil spill from happening. Tell your friends that shit.

What about all of the millions of acres of land we’ve destroyed on this planet to put up all the Super Targets and Ikeas that you fucking LOVE so much, while millions of acres of empty buildings lay to rest? You people do know that birds and animals live in those areas of land we are clearing out, right? Your hypocrisy utterly astounds me.

No, not the fishes! (6/2010)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

3 thoughts on ““But my car likes BP gasoline the best!””

  1. But we gotta start somewhere, don’t we? In general we are rather lazy and unmotivated, but telling folks to sit down and shut up isn’t going to help either.

    I think you made some good points, but wouldn’t it be better to encourage instead of discourage? And I think you were a little off base with “A. Good Spider-man films” being nonexistent. Well, not way off, but come one.

    That’s all I got to say about that. :|

  2. Peter, I really wish I could roll with you. I do. I wasn’t trying to tell people to sit down and shut up. I was telling them to put their money where their mouth is. They are whining that we are destroying the ocean and shit, but they say nothing when companies do the same thing on land.

    I’m not a big fan of hypocrisy… and these times, we’re full of it.

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