The Library is the Best Place to Take a Pregnancy Test…

If you’ve been a loyal follower of this blog over the past 2.5 years, you’d know of my struggles to get into graduate school. Well, all these years later, I finally got into a school’s graduate program; Florida State University in fact. This summer semester marks my first entry into the program and I will be enrolled full time for the span of a year.

But I’m not here to bore you with that.

It’s about 1:31am on Monday morning. I’ve been in the library for about 3 hours doing school related work. A few minutes ago, the lady gets up to go to the bathroom – normal procedure. When she gets back, she smiles and says, “You’ll never believe what I just saw in the handicap stall.”

I’m thinking she saw a battleship someone forgot to flush, or maybe a used-maxipad artwork splattered on the floor. Never had I ever prepared for what she actually saw there.

“There was a pregnancy test just lying there.”

“Really? Was she pregnant?”

Gladly for us, meaning “the world”, this girl was not pregnant. Because anyone who takes a pregnancy test in the public library at a fine university just shouldn’t be blessed to breed.

No Abortion for this Student! (6/2010)

Author: bronsonfive

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4 thoughts on “The Library is the Best Place to Take a Pregnancy Test…”

  1. I’m wondering where else this chick has taken pregnancy tests… McDonalds? The movie theater? A football game? Ga-ross.

  2. THIS IS HI-LARIOUS!!!!! I never have any good stories about the library except for the man who was exposing himself to me, but I didn’t even notice it. Someone had to drop a note off on my little cubicle to tell me it was happening.

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