That Coke Habit You Have Will Really Benefit Your Kid’s Life

The school year is over and the kids are gone. But there are a lot of things that I, the teacher, had observed this year but never got a chance to comment on. I saved drafts of these here; never published them. Because I knew I would have to go back and re-edit them and such. So today is such a day I decided to share such a tale with you. Consider it another amazing story on how not to parent your kid.

Or consider it another tragic tale of wasted youth.

The last month of school, the student resource officer (that’s a police person who works year round on campus incase something illegal shall happen) decided to play an episodic documentary on drug use. Seemed like a good idea; it had interviews with reformed drug addicts sharing their tales of “woe is me, I did drugs and killed my best friend when I got into a car accident.” Did nothing for me, but I am sure it touched these kids a little bit (when they weren’t laughing at their out-of-date hair styles.

On the third or fourth day, the video was about all of the awesome effects of Cocaine. One of the stories was about this dude who used just a bit too hard and ended up killing himself. The interviewee described the man on the ground with “white foam coming out of his nose” and such. “If it weren’t for people like that,” I thought, “This Earth would be way too populated. We need kids like this!” I didn’t share this thoughts with my student however.

Anyway, the class ends and a new period begins. This girl walks into my class crying. And I could tell that she was crying over something serious; not just because of something idiotic, like her boyfriend broke up with her on Facebook. I’ve seen that type of crying all too often. It’s different than what I saw here. This girl had a problem.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I pulled her aside.

She paused and sniffled for a while. I assured it that it’s going to be okay, without even knowing what was wrong in the first place. She finally spoke.

“You know that video we have to watch about those guys who do drugs?”

“Yes, you mean those videos with all those guys with really hideous haircuts?” I said, in attempt to make her laugh a bit. It worked.

“Well… it’s just that… my dad died last year because he overdosed on coke too. And that video…” she paused to cry. “It’s just too much of a reminder.”

Rushing to watch your spirit fully drop? (6/2010)

I didn’t know what to say to that. That is indeed a sad story. Her asshole father left her here to fend for herself, all because he liked blow a little too much. What is wrong with people? I understand most people have sex with other people without even thinking. You don’t always remember to pull-out or wrap it up. But when you get someone pregnant, and that person decides to keep it, you really need to man up and get your priorities straight. I could tell you story after story about various girls I have met in my classroom who lost their fathers or mothers to something stupid – like coke – and just how their lives are going to change because of it.

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