About the illustrator/author…

I like to draw, make fun of films, laugh at children who trip or fall down, juggle, and drink beer. I am losing my hair rapidly and sometimes I jump-kick leprechauns in my sleep. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

I also hope you don’t steal them without my permission. If you do, don’t be surprised if you wake up with your throat slit. All works of artistry contained on this site/blog are copyright 2007-2011 Mike Bronson. So suck it.

I guess that’s it then. I like comments, so leave them. I comment back, so it’s like you’re having a conversation with me, but not in real life. Have fun.

24 thoughts on “About the illustrator/author…”

  1. I love that you punch yourself; sometimes when I get really angry at the stupid things I do, I have to hurt myself, but since I’m a girl, “back-hand-bitch-slap” is the way to go.

    PS: I love your pictures, you are an excellent artist, and I love how your humor is so abrupt and short-and-sweet; it has that “LOL” kind of vibe ;-)

  2. I use it, but I don’t really know how. Illustrator actually isn’t too challenging. I’ve been using it since April (maybe?) and everything I’ve done here has been without tutorials. I just opened up and rocked and rolled.

  3. Thanks Nahole. As I am completely overwhelmed by your site as well. One which is dedicated to the world of assholes – you’ll never, ever, run out of topics. Keep fighting the good fucking fight.

  4. Woah. I love the a-hole, and when the a-hole dishes out a compliment like that, you’re pretty much on your way to even bigger stardom. Impressive Bronson5 – you just keep getting better and better.

  5. Kids who fall down make me laugh too. I actually laugh when anyone falls down. I fall all the time. I have broken a few bones, but it’s still funny.

    Your post made me come over here :) Great About Me. I like the baby picture.

  6. I’m back! Maybe my ears were ringing! Or my fingers. I’ve been blogging on my MySpace page of late…a bunch of frilly lovey stuff that prolly wouldn’t interest the WordPress bad asses. LOL.

  7. Yeah, myspace bloggers are lame.

    Haha, just kidding. Nothing is too weak for wordpress. I just wrote a blog about my dead dog from years ago. See? It’s cool to get emotional and happy here.

  8. this pic of you is unsatisfying to me. I would like to see one that isn’t totally getting robbed of attention by your fist (lovely as it is my dear!)

  9. Hey Mike, I really enjoyed your site. Not wanting to end up w/ my throat slit, I thought it best to tell you I “stole” your image “Somebody Killed the Comedian”. But not really stole, I posted it, credited you and linked here.


    p.s. I totally hate that this came off sounding like spam. I looked and looked for an email addy.

  10. Hi there,

    I was writing a blog post about sad giraffes & did a Google Image search & your sad giraffe drawing showed up.

    If I can add it to my post I sure would appreciate it.
    Please let me know,

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