Resolution: Fixed…

I noticed that in some browsers, the size of my pictures were making it hard to see. For example, in Firefox, the pictures on the main page were automatically re-sized so you could see the whole thing. In Safari, not so much. So you couldn’t see all their splendor.

But I’ve adjusted the size of my pictures now, as well as made thumbnails of the first few entries. If you’d like to see their actual size, just click on them. All should be good now for all browsers. Sorry for the inconvenience to the 36 people who actually read this.


Grab Yourself a Can of Chris Crocker… (9/2007)

Yesterday was rough…

It’s bad enough when you notice you’re starting to lose your hair. Or the doctor tells you your blood pressure is way too high for your age. Or when you spend your day with your chest on fire and you can’t figure out if you’re about to have a heart attack or panic attack. Today was such a day. You can’t help but wonder if this train ride is going to end faster than you think.


The Day my Chest Burned… (9/2007)

Vanessa Hudgens’ Red Curtain…

I am not such a fan of High School Musical; or any of its sequels. Rich-looking, clean cut white kids, dancing and singing their way through high school? I once had a dream like that that ended in machine gun fire.

So when news broke that one of the film’s precious stars took some nude photos, I had to laugh out loud (that’s “lol” to the AIM obsessed). Through the amazing wonder of Google, I found said image in a matter of seconds. I gave it a once over and to be honest, I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about. So some Disney Channel teen got naked in front of her boyfriend and took some pictures without thinking it’ll end up on the internet. That stuff happens all the time. At least it wasn’t a video of her taking one in the mouth while answering her cellphone. And is this the sort of girl that teen boys are crushing on? She really isn’t all that exciting to look at. In fact, the most amazing thing about this picture is not of the girl herself, but of a glorious red curtain in the background. Click the curtain to view its full glory…


Vanessa and the Red Curtain (9/2007)

Seeing the real picture brought a quote from Tony Scott’s The Last Boy Scout to mind. After Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) speaks with a detective, the detective says, “There’s a new invention out, it’s called the razor.” Hallenbeck is quick to reply, “Too risky. I might start thinking of you and slash my wrist.” I wonder if Vanessa knows of this invention.

Shoot ‘Em Up…

I’ve watched a lot of films in my time but I’ve never seen a guy kill another guy with a carrot. Yes, the vegetable. Thankfully for me, and countless cinemagoers everywhere, Shoot ‘Em Up fixes that problem. Click on the picture to view its full glory.

Carrots and Blood

Shoot ‘Em Up… with Carrots (9/2007)

Clive Owen stars as yet another badass who finds himself protecting a baby from a gang of reckless gunman. And the plot just gets more ridiculous from there. I haven’t had this much fun in the theater since Crank (Neveldine/Taylor, 2006). If only that fourth McClane movie had the wherewithal to be so crafty, violent, and fun, like the others of that franchise were. Why didn’t Fox hire the filmmaker of this film, Michael Davis, to make that movie?

Betsy’s Owl…

When I was the Programming Coordinator of the 2007 Florida Film Festival, I worked with a girl named Betsy. I guess she likes owls because she has pictures of stitched owls all over her area. So I drew this owl for her with Illustrator (using a mouse). Click on the picture to see its full glory.


Betsy’s Owl (9/2007)