Charlie Got Punched…

I have no story today but I do have a picture. I’ll let your imagination create a story for this one.


Steak Can Cure That (3/2009)

Wow, I actually drew an entire person, not just the torso. Things may be happening for me after all.

Drunken priest punches cop and goes to jail.

As my last entry can tell you, I’ve certainly involved myself in some of the joys (and perils) of alcohol. Tonight, as I watch The Wolf Man (1941), I stumbled up this story at Reuters about some crazy drunk priest.

Over in Monterrey, Mexico, a priest was out chillin’ like villain (feelin’ nice), putting beverages down his gullet like Vick put down dogs (sorry those never get old to me). Some driving occurred, he got pulled over, then decided to punch the cop. Yeah, punch him! Nevertheless, he spent some time behind bars, but not too much time. Still it must be pretty funny to be punched by a priest.


The Priest and the Cop (10/2007)