This is how I imagine MMA to have been invented…

So it Begins… (9/2011)

There are a lot of things in this crazy world I don’t understand. I don’t understand the military budget of the United States government versus the educational budget. I don’t understand how Superman became so popular, when you’re reading a comic/watching a film about investigative reporters who can’t figure out who this Superman is when it is a guy they have known the whole time (only he takes his glasses off).  Continue reading “This is how I imagine MMA to have been invented…”

Michael Vick is better than me…

I just read this story on CNN about the Michael Vick case and how the man is writing letter to his judge asking for leniency. He even has the support of other sports legends too; they all think Vick should set free with the unicorns and horseys. Why, because he is a big football star? That’s stupid. The dude hung and shot dogs after fighting them. There should be a punishment, yes?

Imagine this. Picture me, Mike Bronson, artist and otherwise unnoticeable average citizen. I bet you my next paycheck (it’s small so don’t get excited), that if I did the same thing, I’d probably get more than that. And famous people wouldn’t write my judge a letter asking that I be set free so internet surfers everywhere can get their Picture of Doom for the day. So I’ve decided to write this judge a letter too, just to help out Mr. Vick in his time need.

Dear Michael Vick’s Judge,

How is it going? It must be pretty exciting to get the attention of CNN and Fox News lately like you have. You’re the judge of America’s biggest court fascination right now. Everyone has their eyes on you!

So I write you this letter because I hear that some of my fellow countrymen and sport stars are also writing you, asking that Vick gets better treatment than if I were in the same position. I am here to counter those people though. To their request I say, “Fuck that.” And I hope you say that too.

Hope all is well.


Mike Bronson

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Unicorn of Doom (12/2007)